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The light from the twenty red LED (600-660нм): Use for the most troubled area such as Under Eyes, Smile Lines or Forehead. Benefits of LED Red Lights are plenty- help boost collagen production responsible for the elasticity and firmness of your skin while promoting faster skin healing. Plumped, glowing skin immediately after treatment. Fewer wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, and faster healing of acne.


LED Red Light, 630 nanometer Visible Spectrum Wavelength : Penetrates into lower layer of the skin (dermis) and promotes collagen and elastin generation. Claigio's LED Face Pads will help rejuvenate skin and skin firming.


FLEXIBLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT : Magic Eye Patch has two pads made of silicone naturally adjusted to the curves of your face and stick onto the skin. Lightweight and Small but just right size to cover under eye areas and smile lines.


EXTREMELY EASY TO USE, PORTABLE : Magic Eye Patch is powered by mobile phone battery, it is extremely simple and easy to use anywhere at any time. Also, the pads are waterproof you can clean them with wet tissue or running water. Magic Eye Patch is provided with 3 types of phone connectors for Iphone and android users. (USB C TYPE, Micro 8-pin, Micro 5-pin)


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  • Product Specifications

Model : CLMEP-100

Materia : ABS, non-toxic silicone, PVC

Size/Weight : 10.8cm(L) x 3.2cm(W) x 16.6cm(H) / 130g

Power Supply : DC3.3 V, 100 mA


  • Product Composition

LED Eye Patch, controller, 5-pin gender (for Android), 8-pin gender (for iPhone),

C type gender, USB gender, Pouch, supplementary battery, manual




After cleansing and routine skin care, apply the pads on most troubled area. The pads can be bent to adjust to curves of your face. Connect to your mobile phone using the connector provided. Press Controller to turn on. Auto-timer is set up 8 minutes. Recommend to use the LED Face Pads 15~20 minutes a day, 3 times or more per week. When not in use, attach plastic cover provided all the time for better adhesiveness.


Recommend to use Magic Eye Patch for 8 minutes. Use on dry face after toner and/or serum.

And for better performance, apply skin care products such as wrinkle care or whitening after use of Magic Eye Patch. Perfect Gift Idea, Perfect for Travelling, Ideal for Everyday Use

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