[Pc- Provence Cosmetics] LUXURIOUS CLEANSING CREAM #1

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This soft luxurious concentrated cleansing cream has a honey-like texture! Unctuous and smooth-flowing, this cream helps eliminate deep impurities and make-up. Enriched with HydraEco it soothes, repairs and rejuvenates skin.

- Cleansing Honey base composed of foaming, cleansing, thickening and opacifying agents. Pearly pigmented base.

- SODIUM HYALURONATE: A Chirally Correct form of Hyaluronic Acid, intense moisturizing and hydrating. Derived from botanicals.

- FLEUR DE RIZ FRAGRANCE: Rice flower fragrance.

- ALPHA-GLUCAN OLIGOSACCHARIDE: Helps create a beneficial surface skin environment.

- CITRIC ACID: A naturally occurring hydroxy acid from citrus fruits.

Used to adjust and balance product pH and a good source of vitamin C.

- HYDRAECO: Active substance with honey that respects the ecological balance of the skin to protect it from external aggression

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