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[PREMIUM FRESH] Korean Red Ginseng+ Pomegranate + Collagen Juice Stick

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If you feel, 

-Too busy, no time for make up.

-I should care myself. 

-I should have relaxation. 

-I want to be a capable woman.

So, we made it !


Our product will shines you brightly and beautifully 

6 years red ginseng extract with pomegranate and collagen for women.


Volume: 10ml × 30 pouches

Content in each pouch

Red Ginseng extract: 100mg

Collagen: 2g


EXP: 8/2023


Vendor: Thuy Nhung Shop Availability: In-Stock

Keep it cool. 

It tastes good.

Easy to carry, easy to take.

Take it anytime, anywhere.


1) Red Ginseng: The best grade of 6 years’ old Korean red ginseng is used.

 2) Pomegranate: Premium class of Iranian pomegranate is used.

 3) Fish Collagen: Small sized collagen molecule, high absorption rate in the body.

Raw materials and contents: Purified Water, Pomegranate Extracts(Solid over 55%, Pomegranate Extract(Made in Iran), Fructose) 10%, Honey, Fructooligosaccharide, Apple Extracts, Red Ginseng Extracts ( Red Ginseng Components over 70mg/g, Solid over 60%, Made in Korea) 1%, Fish Collagen.


Take 1 pouch a day

 Take it directly or Take it with 200ml of water.


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