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[PC - Provence Cosmetics] Extrem' Peel Enzyme #12

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Instant skin smoother with fruit enzymes


Volume: 100ml


Vendor: Thuy Nhung Shop Availability: In-Stock

This enzyme peel is an effective treatment for normal to oily skin. It clears lifeless cells without abrasive action and provides an instant smoothing result on skin surface making imperfections less noticeable.


- PAPAIN Exfoliant enzyme derived from papaya fruit: Papain has a mild, soothing effect.

- BROMELAIN This exfoliant is a repairing enzyme derived from pineapple fruit, used to help reduce inflammation. It is a great natural exfoliant used to dissolve dead skin cells and makes way for newer skin cells.

- SALICYLIC ACID Unbeatable in treating acne, large pores, and blackheads.


Apply all over face, leave on 2 minutes and rinse with water. Avoid eye contours.

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