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[THE HISTORY OF WHOO] Gongjinhyang: Mi Jewelry Powder SPF 30/ PA +++

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Jewelry powder / Face powder / Herbal ingredient powder - Jewel ingredients such as gold, amber, pearl and ruby changes women's skin tone into bright but natural ones. - It expresses the skin bright and natural, and the fine-grained powder is light and moist, so it is good for reapplying when correcting makeup.


Volume: 28g

EXP: 04/01/2024


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After makeup base or foundation stage, put on sufficient amount of product on included puff and apply by softly tapping from inward to outwards - Usage Time (Usage time after opening) : 36 months after opening


* "Red Jade"BaekSan: Royal court herbal secret made by combining ruby ​​and white sun soil - The royal court herbal secret made from Big blue lilyturf, Cnidium Rhizome, white atractylis, safflower, pomegranate, etc., provides the beauty of the queen. - terra alba is a beauty material that has been widely used in the beauty of women of the imperial family and nobles in Europe and China. - It absorbs sweat and sebum well because of the collection of particles to increase the lasting power of makeup. - It contains 5 kinds of flower water such as lily of the valley, chrysanthemum flower, lotus flower, lotus leaf, and plum flower to recharge skin and improve vitality. - Contains coral ingredients called emperor and empress's jewels, gold ingredients effective for skin beauty, pearl ingredients containing amino acids and natural minerals, and amber ingredients to express bright and beautiful skin.


* Gongjin Bidan: Makes skin clear by harmonizing and balancing the skin, making the skin bright and rich, and cares for healthy, soft and elastic skin.




* Key Ingredient

1. Deer Antler: Containing collagen and amino acids, antler nourishes the skin and has a great effect on anti-aging in wrinkle improvement.

2. Korean angelica: Rich in vitamin E, it helps female skin

3. Cornus officinalis: Contains rich vitamin A and nutrients to keep your skin healthy

4. Acanthopanax: an ingredient that gives vitality and health to the skin

5. Asparagus cochinchinensis: a good medicinal herb known to make the face shine shiny and transparent

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