[PETITFEE] Black Pearl & Gold Eye Patch

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These lavish ingredients rejuvenate tired skin and dull eye bags for a brighter and healthier look.

EXP: 02/2025


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The premium combination of black pearl and pure gold powder helps improve blood circulation for a radiant, rosy glow.

  • Pearl has a high level of Amino Acids and minerals to help a circumcision
  • Gold ingredients purifies skin and helps to keep the bright tone.
  • Green Tea, Wormwood, Citron, Cucumber, Grapefruit seed, and other varieties of plants are condensed in this essence to provide a moisture and nutrition deep into the skin which helps to improve the skin around the eye areas.


Key ingredients include Black Pearl Powder Extract, Gold Powder Extract, Green Tea Extract, Wormwood Extract, Tangerine Seed Extract, Lycopodium Annotinum


  • Step 1: Apply toner after cleansing face.
  • Step 2: Take patches out of a container, using the small spatula.
  • Step 3: Apply the Eye patch to under eye area
  • Step 4: Remove after 30 minutes later and gently pat for the remaining liquid to be absorbed into the skin.

The product lasts 2 months after opening. 


Refrigerate patches for a more refreshing and cooling effect.



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