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7 kinds of super food mask include orange, pumpkin, blueberry, green tea, tomato, avocado, pomegranate, etc.
Fruit extracts are highly concentrated and fill the freshness
of the fruit into tired skin due to irritation.

Orange contains nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber.
Rich in content, it is especially effective for skin care
Helps skin conditioning by protecting against free radical oxidation.

Blueberries, which has antioxidant effect, and with
superior antioxidant effect prevent aging of skin,
improve wrinkles and protect skin Helps to keep your skin active.

*Green Tea
The catechins found in green tea converge and calm
It is an antioxidant effect that prevents skin aging
and inhibits oxygen free radical Effective
for protecting skin from ultraviolet rays.

Pumpkin contains a lot of ingredients that promote diuretic effect.
Helps blood circulation and swelling elimination.
Carotene and essential amino acid help to maintain skin health.

Tomato contains vitamin B1, B2, vitamin A precursor, vitamin C, etc.
It is called the king of vitamins. Various vitamins give skin elasticity,
prevents skin aging and helps prevent blemishes

Avocados, known as butter of the forest, has rich carbohydrates,
protein, vitamin It is effective to skin beauty as well eating
It helps prevent skin oxidation, makes skin shine and moisturize

Pomegranate is the best fruit ever born for women.
Abundant to help prevent wrinkles and strengthen
elasticity and mineral and vitamin is evenly contained,
it is an essential fruit for women.

1. After cleansing Please clean the skin texture.

2. Please use the mask for 15 to 20 minutes.

3. After removing the mask patting on the remaining essence for absorption


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