[MAX CLINIC] Hyaluronic Acid Hydro Firming Gel Cream

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This deep hydrating face cream with gel texture readily to be absorbed to replenish moisture and soothe skin.

Volume: 200ml


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Super Berry Complex 12 to revive fatigued skin, hyaluronic acid, and rose extract, leaving it balanced and revitalized.




1. As a sleeping pack:
After a basic skincare routine, spread a generous amount over the face, neck, and décolletage.
Rinse in the next morning for a plumping, dewy complexion.

2. As soothing pack:
Store the Hydro Firming Gel Cream in a fridge and apply to the face,
neck and décolletage for a cooling sensation and soothing benefit.

3. Before makeup:
Mix the Hydro Firming Gel Cream with your favorite base foundation
in the ratio 1:2 to set makeup in place and moisturized throughout the day/night.

exp : 04/27/2024

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