[PC - Provence Cosmetics] DARLING SERUM #6

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Youth and Light

Plumping Effect


Darling Serum improves facial features by increasing the cheekbones volume of 5% in average.

A pumping effect is measured at 76% of volunteers.


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• Global anti-aging serum.

• Redefines facial features and has a plumping effect.

• Lift the cheekbones.

• For a youthful, luminous skin.


• WHITE ROSE EXTRACT : enhances cellular metabolism, fights against pollution and improves skin radiance

• CRYSTAL DROPS OF PISTACIA LENTISCUS EXTRACT : stimulates fibroblasts cellular metabolism and improves dermic extracellular matrix structure – plumping effect


• MAGNOLIA ROOTS EXTRACT: fights against aging

• EDELWEISS EXTRACT : neutralizes oxidative stress, tightens neck skin, raises the cheekbones and smooths eye-area wrinkles


Apply Darling Serum daily on a clean skin.


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