[VRANG] Led Iron Massager

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LED VRANG system functions as a 3-IN-ONE device that combines Galvanic Ion Massage, LED Light Therapy and Micro-vibration with TOUCH-LESS activation.

PATENTED TECHNOLOGY-Made in Korean and has 3 functions to activate your skincare treatment.

GALVANIC ION -Use negative ion to massage and help absorption of skin care products into the pores more efficiently. While positive ions pulls out toxins and impurities from the skin.

MICRO-VIBRATION is 10 times more effective than massaging using bare hands Smart Vibration uses 10,000 vibration per minute with auto-sense for skin elasticity
LED LIGHT THERAPY -Use the specific wavelength of 630nm RED LED color in order to help with skin rejuvenation. Help with absorbing skin care products, wrinkle care, and skin elasticity.

EFFICIENCY: Effective delivery of nutrition for wrinkle care, whitening, and lifting. Massages creams and serums deeply into the pores.

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