[MIKOS] Dongsung Rannce Max Whitening Serum Mist

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Whitening Serum Mist

Hydrate and Brighten your Skin

Volume: 100ml

EXP: 01/2026


Vendor: Thuy Nhung Shop Availability: In-Stock

- Remove melasma and freckles

- Whiten the skin thanks to chamimile flower extract.

- Anti-growth of Tyrosinase, which causes UV rays thanks to bee poison extract

- Formula with stem cell essence to help provide essential nutrients for the skin to help fight aging causes

- Inhibits the growth of melamin in the body (the substance that determines skin pigmentation) thanks to kojic acid in the cream composition.

- Suitable for all skin types


- Kojic acid. Kojic acid is an active agent of skin whitening, melasma treatment, freckles safest and most effective on the market today.

- Placenta Extract (sheep placenta) helps to blur freckles. Provides smooth, evenly colored skin

In addition, the product also has bee venom, which works to change the structure of the skin gently exfoliating the skin

- Another important component is α-bisabolol - Bisabolol alpha (anti-inflammatory and skin allergy) to help restore dark skin damage.



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