[The History of Whoo] Jinyulhyang Essential Revitalizing Balancer

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Gift your skin the glistening clarity of a jewel with The History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Essential Revitalizing Balancer


EXP: 06/2025


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This balancer is especially formulated to treat aging, dehydration, all while refining skin. Just 2-3 drops will quench skin as it penetrates deeply to deliver nutrition and a heaping helping of antioxidants. The wild red ginseng that powers this formula makes it an essential part of your anti-aging regime. When applied topically, the antioxidant properties in ginseng have been proven to reduce inflammation, firm skin, and even help heal free radical damage deep within.


Other premium roots and herbs are blended together in perfect harmony, just like the Korean royals did dating back as far as 5,000 years. The History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Essential Revitalizing Balancer brings that ancient wisdom to modern times with this luxurious mixture. Licorice root bring a luminous brightness to your complexion while Acanthopanax senticosus Root Extract (also known as the ultra rare Siberian Ginseng) promotes a robust skin health as it tones and firms.


Put 2-3 drops on hand and apply over face.


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