[The History of Whoo] Ultimate Royal Cream set

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Royal Privilege Cream: The Dedication to the True Empress of this Era

Volume : 2.7 oz. / 80mL + 4mL

Skin Types : All Skin Types

Exp: 3/2025


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The precious Empress Wild Ginseng™ with amazing vitality, the rare and beautiful wild Ginseng flower and other ingredients. Royal Privilege Cream blends into the skin with a noble and elegant temperament. Luxurious texture, while moisturizing and repairing the skin, it also replenishes skin nutrition and is full of vitality.

Once  formulated together, the two unique ingredients make a beauty elixir that effectively restores your skin to its healthy, youthful glow, reflecting all 8 elements of beautiful complexion: skin elasticity, strong self-regeneration, clear skin tone, radiance, even skin tone, moisture, firmness and soft texture.


Empress Ginseng™

The history of Whoo has been investigating the ingredients of precious wild ginseng for many years, only to know the effect of Precious Empress Wild Ginseng™. After a long time alone, the mother ginseng with strong vitality can spread the child ginseng and become the "Empress Wild Ginseng™".


Wild Ginseng Flower

The wild ginseng flower blooms only 3 days a year, so it is extremely rare and rare in wild ginseng. Compared with the root, it contains more abundant and efficient ingredients, making the skin softer and more transparent

EXP: 04.18.2025

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