[Sosohan] Saryeoni Dual Cleansing Water Oil

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German derma test skin hypoallergenic test - Top grade 'EXCELLENT'
CLEANSING WITH NO EYE PAIN - Remove eye makeup without stinging or irritation.
Powerful cleansing effect! contains a natural surfactant that less irritation
to the skin and eyes derived from corn, coconut and palm.
Fresh dual cleansing, soft feeling after using without irritations, Rich moisturize! Deep Cleansing!
From base make-up to point make-up, Powerful dual cleansing water oil without any irritations


1.Mix thoroughly so that the oil on the top and water layer on the bottom water layer mix well.
2.Soak the cotton pad in just the right amount.
3.Gently wipe the makeup along the skin with a sufficiently wet cotton pad.
4.When cleansing point makeup, such as eyes or lips, press down
the cotton pad gently for 5~7 seconds and wipe it off to make it more moist and smooth.

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