[CLIO] Micro-Fessional Deep Clean Lip & Eye Remover

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Lip & eye remover that completely removes even thick point makeup.


Volume: 110ml

EXP: 12/07/2024


Vendor: Thuy Nhung Shop Availability: In-Stock

Double deep cleansing of even strong point makeup with the combination of oil and water that provides an excellent cleansing effect of lip & eye makeup while providing a moisturizing feeling with cleansing water.

A refreshing and clean finish after removing makeup with the cleansing water layer of refreshing moisture.

Healthy cleansing care for the skin around the eyes and lips with hyaluronic acid particles of 8 different sizes and green tea seed oil.




Shake the container to mix the both layer (oil&water) well.

Take a proper amount on cotton pad and wipe off the face smoothly.

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