[JEUNEPIL] Intimate Foam Soft Cleanser 150ml (Women's Y zone care)

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It is a mild daily female form cleanser containing ingredients derived from natural apple.

Licorice Powder extract : anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, skin soothing, skin regeneration, sterilization effect
Bamboo (bamboo bladder leaf / stem) extract contain : Antioxidant effect, antibacterial activity
Ginkgo biloba extract : Improved immune function, antioxidant activity
Green tea extract : antioxidant activity, increased metabolism
Golden extract : anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, skin whitening, moisturizing
Lavender oil extract : natural extract of plant extract


* Capacity : 150 ml (Bubble type for convenience)



Shake it before use. Take an appropriate amount in your hand, then cleanse and rinse.


Soft cleanser wiped without stimulus and OK even to sensitive skin

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