[WellDerma] Warming eye masks

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These Instagenic eye masks revive fatigued eyes and reduce puffiness, eye bags plus dark circles with lavender oil and a 40°C steaming effect that lasts for about 20 minutes. Set comes with eye-shaped stickers to add a little fun to your regimen. Use them before sleep or during breaks for some serious pampering!

Exp: 8/23/2025


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This warming eye mask helps to reduce tiredness around eye areas and improve sleep quality with a lavender scent.


·  Made with activated carbon-based fabric that absorbs skin impurities and helps to tighten up pores.

Triiron Tetraoxide, Activated Carbon, Sodium Chloride, Water


1. Lay the mask against your eyes and adjust the length of ear loops to fit.

2. Decorate the eye mask with the included sticker and take a rest for 20 minutes with eyes closed.

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