APYLD R2 Urbanbro Brighter

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High concentration essential tone-up cream with water drop texture that gives off a lot of moisture when applied on the skin adheres to the skin without any shine, creating a fresh and bright skin tone for a long time.


Exp: 11/17/2024


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【Moist and Brightening Tone-up Cream that Pops when applied on the Skin】 Prevents moisture from evaporating as moisturizing nutrients and elastic polymers that spread out when applied on the skin form a thin layer of moisture and protects skin from external stimuli by stabilizing water-solution moisturizing and softening oil with water pumping gel emulsification technology.

【Dual Functional Care Strong and Moist Skin Conditioning Ingredients】 Anti-aging, Wrinkle care and Brightening Dual Functional Contains enzymatically modified Terminalia Ferdinandiana Fruit Extract (Patent No. 10-1965250) Contains 'GIGA WHITE', the optimal complexion care complex of 7 plant extract derived from Alps Powerful anti-aging effect of S-REGENCORE - S-REGENCORE that combines Tocotrienol, a natural vitamin E ingredient, and various peptides is a patented material unique to APYLD.

【Soft and Charming Floral Musk scent】 The Musk scent, floral note, and sweet vanilla's harmonious and rich scent embrace the body to present an attractive and sweet scent as if you are in a relaxed and comfortable classical concert hall.

【Cream with Firm Whipped Cream Texture】 Cream texture blends naturally with all skin types of men and women and gets attached on the skin without being oily or sticky.



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