The saga of Xiu Pink Peony Cushion Special Edition

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A cushion (15g) and two refills (15g each). Shades 23


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The saga of Xiu Pink Peony Cushion is a limited edition anti-aging sun protection cushion.

Sun protection index SPF50+ /PA+++ Gives a moisturizing, masking effect, helps to smooth out wrinkles, brightens pigmentation.

This is a modern formula that combines herbal and natural ingredients. Formulated with natural oriental herbal medicine to soothe irritation & provide a soothing sensation. Protects the skin from strong UV rays and fills the skin with a delicate glow from the inside, with a satin finish.

Peony extract helps to relieve inflammation on the skin, evens out skin tone.

Ginseng root extract contains highly active substances that intensively nourish and moisturize the skin, stimulate cell renewal, improve collagen synthesis. Ginseng has a refreshing, invigorating effect. Removes puffiness, visibly improves complexion.

Black tea extract is rich in polyphenols. These compounds have a lot of useful properties: antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory effect, restoration of microcirculation and strengthening of blood vessels, improvement of blood and lymph flow.

Has a satin finish


Apply the product with a sponge with soft, patting movements.

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