[POUR LA PEAU] Pore Refining Serum

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Moisturizing pore care with dead skin cell care, skin calming ad hydration!

Content: 30ml

EXP: 10/2025


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Refreshing serum texture with no stickiness, irritation or stuffiness. High concentration serum equipped with abundant moisture. 

Natural ingredients: LHA and PHA works on the skin to take care of the dead skin cells and nature-derived ingredients provide moisture deep into the skin to the dermal layer.


LHA: Gently dissolves dead skin cells, helps with skin turnover cycle

PHA: The large particles don't penetrate deep into the skin, making it less irritating

Anti-sebum P: Sebum secretion reduction and anti-aging

Witch Hazel: Calms irritated skin and skin texture care with antibacterial effect

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