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This device is a home skin care device and is not a medical device.

In addition to the beauty effects associated with product features

It does not provide any medical benefits or effects. Depending on the individual's skin type, there may be differences in effect.


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Support for five light source modes for skin elasticity and pore management

The auto off function automatically turns off 10 minutes after wearing.

It is recommended for those with many skin problems, those who have difficulty in skin care due to lack of time, and those who are concerned about purchasing expensive LEDs.

Designed with ultra light weight, the weight does not come off when worn, and it can be used safely with the nose ring method.

Infrared LED Photo Mask Around Home LEDs for Home Remediation Korean Facade Skin Recover




Press and hold the punch button (2 seconds) to turn on Red Color

After wearing it according to the shape of the face, attach the band according to the size

Press the push button once to change the LED color

Wear a mask after selecting the color of the desired efficacy

Turns off automatically after 10 minutes

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