Daily Kombucha Moro Blood Orange

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Experience the Difference with our Probiotic Kombucha – Your Gut’s Best Friend

Volume: 30 sticks

EXP: 03/2026


Vendor: Thuy Nhung Shop Availability: In-Stock

Daily Kombucha is a fermented beverage that contains 17 types of lactic acid bacteria, which are beneficial intestinal bacteria, and prebiotics, which are food for lactic acid bacteria. It also contains fructooligosaccharide that activates beneficial bacteria!

Sugar & Fat Free – No worries about calories because of No Sugar, No Fat

Easy Cut, Individual powder stick type, you can take it with you anytime, anywhere.

Kombucha is a hot trend drink enjoyed by Hollywood stars K-pop stars. Healthy carbonic acid produced by natural fermentation has a cleaner and refreshing feel than conventional carbonic acid.


Daily Kombucha is good to drink lightly before and after exercise! When you want to be healthy on a busy day, rehydrate with a cup of kombucha! When you feel overwhelmed with soda and oily food, enjoy it neatly with kombucha!


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