[ H2VA25] Glyco Peeling pad

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Daily Peeling pad for soft and clean skin

EXP: 01/2026



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【Efficacy / Effect】
Mild dead skin and sebum care, Skin tone improvement, Clear and clean skin texture, Containing AHA + BHA, promotes natural turn-over and relieves skin troubles
It's also good for dead skin care such as heels and elbows.


【Patented Antioxidant Hydrogen-generated Cosmetic】
Gives you a new level of anti-aging solutions by controlling the future time of your skin with the 'Hydrogen generation source' and 'Skin stabilization' patented technology created after a long study and numerous experiments.
Application of hydrogen-generated cosmetic composition and patent technology of hydrogen generation method using this technology (Patent registration number 1020180012906)
It embodies an over-the-top anti-aging solution by charging the antioxidant energy of the skin through the  'Hydrogen generation source' of innovative technology that has never existed in the World.


【Patented Enzyme-treated Kakaduplum extract】
Contains enzyme-treated Kakaduplum extract (Patent 10-1965250) - Enzyme-treated Kakaduplum extract containing active ingredients that help with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and wrinkle improvement
Contains high content (30%) of aloe vera leaf juice and various peptides to soothe sensitive skin and supply moisture. 
It provides a smooth and soft skin texture without tightness after use.


【Containing AHA + BHA】
The AHA ingredient gently removes dead skin cells on the skin surface, and the BHA ingredient cleans the pores to alleviate skin troubles.
It minimizes irritation to the skin, promotes natural turn-over, and makes the skin clear and moist.


1. After cleansing, in the first step of skin care, gently wipe the entire face in the direction of the skin texture, avoiding the eye and mouth areas using the embossed pad.
2. Gently wipe once more with the opposite side of the embossed pad to tidy up the skin texture.
3. After use, tap the remaining toner lightly to absorb it.
* When going out after using the peeling pad, it is recommended to use sunscreen together.



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