[FromBio] Calma D (1,800mg x 60)

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As one of South Korea's leading dietary supplement brands, FromBIO was declared the No. 1 most purchased brand in the country for its Boswellia and Mastic Gum products. FromBIO sources ingredients from nature and enhances them with cutting-edge technology, striving to offer customers products that can help improve health.

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EXP: 10/01/2025


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FORMULATION FOR MAXIMUM ABSORPTION: FROMBIO CALMA-D is formulated with a scientific gold ratio of 2:1 Ca to Mg (300 mg Calcium: 150 mg Magnesium Oxide) to promote maximum calcium absorption in the body. In addition to that, the vitamin D (10 ug) in the formula acts as a booster for calcium absorption and utilization. Calcium is necessary for energy use and maintaining muscle function, making it the best mix and match for bone health.

100% CARIBBEAN CORAL CALCIUM - We only formulate with the finest purified organic coral calcium harvested from the shores of the US Virgin Islands. This organic calcium has been digested by corals once and is easily soluble in water, making It means it is easily absorbed by the body. That's why our calcium is superior compared to other forms like eggshell, whey, carbonate and citrate. FROMBIO CALMA-D is an excellent source of natural calcium

Milk flavored chewable tablets make it easy to take even during days when you have a full schedule. Make it a habit and take one when traveling to and from work or school, our formula is suitable for all ages and especially recommended for growing children and teenagers going through bone and muscle development. Also recommended for pregnant or lactating women with higher d requirements.


 Coral calcium (American), magnesium oxide, vitamin D mixed preparation powder (vitamin D3, gum arabic, sucrose, corn starch, processed fat, silicon dioxide, vitamin E), powdered crystalline glucose, whole milk powder, vegetable cream powder, mixed skim milk powder , Milk flavor mixture powder (dextrin, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrance), magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, stearic acid, enzyme-treated stevia, fructo-oligosaccharide milk content.





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