DeaLucey Secret Innocent Feminine Perfume 10ml

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DeaLucy Secret Innocent perfume from Korea eliminates the unpleasant smell of underwear and tampons with just 1 drop.

Volume: 10ml


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Each 1ml of DeaLucy perfume is a combination of more than 3000 pure rose petals and white apricot flowers, giving a pleasant scent to everyone.

The product is very safe and clean, minimizing the risk of infection or fungus.

Extremely safe for girlfriends even on those uncomfortable red light days, increasing confidence and charm in these tiring days.

Upgraded version with 10ml capacity, extending the use time.

Convenient tube tip, easy and economical to use.


Olive oil: improves dryness, effectively retains and balances moisture, adds many essential nutrients to the skin, a good protective shield for "little girl".

Peppermint oil: supports basic tightening of the intimate area, regulates the right amount of moisture, creates a feeling of refreshment, cleanses and eliminates odors that cause pain for women.

Lavender oil: provides essential nutrients for the intimate area, reduces stress and tension, reduces inflammation of the intimate area, limits dryness and creates good growth momentum for women's sensitive areas.

Jojoba oil: high moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial ability, is the ingredient that improves the "little girl" in the best way.

Baobab oil: regulates pH balance, helps you have fewer breakouts during menstruation, moisturizes yeast treatment effectively. Provides essential nutrients for "little girl".

There are also some other ingredients such as orchid oil, neroli, eucalyptus oil, black currant oil and amino acids to help support better product use.


Drop 1-2 drops on underwear or sanitary pad.


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