APYLD R2 Daily Cleansing Oil 200ml / 6.76oz

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When you need perfect makeup cleansing without irritation

Size : 200ml / 6.76oz



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【Efficacy / Effect】

Oil of soft and light formula removes makeup and wastes inside pores completely, and natural oil including coconut oil cleanses perfectly to present natural cleanliness of the skin.

This one-stop cleansing oil that get emulsified quickly keeps skin moisturized and clean after cleansing.


【Excellent cleansing power for makeup and pores】

When cleansing with water, it forms micro-emulsion and removes makeup, and the wash-off type forms thin and moisture film to prevent dry skin after cleansing.


【Hypoallergenic & High moisturizing effect】

Hypoallergenic & High moisturizing effect with ingredients derived from nature for sensitive skin

More than 50% natural oil content provides soft cleansing and keep skin flexible and soft.


【P.I.E (Phase Inversion Emulsion) cleansing system】

It is effective for removing Water proof + Long-lasting makeup, forms emulsion to remove wastes completely, and minimizes the loss of moisture after use with soft cleansing.


【Soft and Perfect cleansing】

The wash-off type forms micro-emulsion upon contact with water and provides soft and perfect cleansing.


Put considerable amount on dry hands and massage your whole face softly in a rolling motion

Melt makeup and rinse thoroughly

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